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All Inclusive Small Business Package

Digitized Logos Small Business ALL INCLUSIVE Apparel Packages

Business Promotion is the key to run a successful business. Businesses and corporations go to various lengths to bring their products and services in public eye; which they can afford to do so. But, what about those business who can’t go all out on brand promotions? Wouldn’t a small business package help?

For many small businesses having a digital footprint such as website to promote their latest products and services is a luxury; which they might not able to afford as it has an ongoing cost attached to it. No matter how good your products or services really is you lose control over sending correct message about your business; because you are depending on others to do the work for you.

If you are on a tight budget and want to be successful with your business promotion, it is required to have a more hands on approach. Businesses who wants to have mass outreach at low cost mostly use promotional items such as personalized apparel (Shirts, Jackets, sweaters, pants etc.).

We at Digitized Logos Inc., understand and support small businesses as they are the backbone of our economy. Our understanding of their promotional needs led us to design our ALL INCLUSIVE SMALL BUSINESS PACKAGES! When we say “ALL INCLUSIVE”, we do mean ALL INCLUSIVE!

Our ALL INCLUSIVE SMALL BUSINESS PACKAGE got you covered from the start to the end. Our friendly customer service can help you get set up, ensure quality and get your order delivered to you on time. All the while providing best pricing in town! Our ALL INCLUSIVE SMALL BUSINESS PACKAGE is available all year round so why wait?

Small Business Packages include following:

Your choice of golf shirts, dress shirts, denim shirts, fleeces and jackets:

  • FREE Digitizing/Set-up
  • Embroidery (Up to 7,500 stiches)
  • Shipping & Handling

Here are our product categories for your small business:

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